BitWhite Decentralized Application Platform

BitWhite makes it easy creation and deployment of decentralized applications, that can be downloaded by end-users from the application store.

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  • Window wallet x86/64

    Account information, BTW balances and transfers, password and security settings and list of internal blockchain transactions.

  • Linux wallet x86/64

    Account information, BTW balances and transfers, password and security settings and list of internal blockchain transactions.

  • OS Android 4.1

    Use BitWhite on the go!
    This application connects to the blockchain via peer list and network connections.

  • Mac OS

    Under construction

  • IOS

    Under construction

BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform

BitWhite is an efficient, flexible, and safe decentralized application platform designed to provide effortless development of decentralized applications. Integrating JavaScript and relational databases, BitWhite enables easy development of DAPPs and traditional web applications. BitWhite maximises the productivity of developers opening up unlimited business opportunities and novel web-based applications. BitWhite is a diverse and open platform and can be customized to support many applications including finance, document storage and copyright certificates.

The fundamental nature of the abstract APIs enable combinatorial and highly varied applications. BitWhite has implemented an enhanced DPOS algorithm, greatly reducing the probability of forking and risk of double spending. The application of BitWhite's side chain restricts the growth of the blockchain as well as making DAPPs more flexible and personalized. BitWhite is a forward-looking, low-cost, distributed and decentralized application solution.


Registration and settlement mechanisms of digital assets are complete with a standardized procedure, clear transaction records and transparent settlements.

FAST, SAFE, PRIVACY Secure & Intelligent

Secure: High-performance algorithm powered by advanced encryption technology, ledger is updated synchronously, assets are much safer.
Intelligent: Compliance to laws and regulations can be achieved through smart contracts and algorithms.

Development and dissemination plan BitWhite RoadMap

  • 10 dec 2017
    Development of a desktop application for Windows, Android Wallet.
  • 17 DEC 2017
    Running the delegate system. As soon as the system of delegates on the platform is launched, the documentation on how to start the delegate will be available in the FAQ section
  • 7 jan 2018
    Placement of BitWhite on exchanges. The list of exchanges that placed BTW will be constantly updated, please, kindly check our site.
  • 31 JAN 2018
    Redesign of the web-wallet
  • 19 feb 2018
    Wallet for iOS + Mac OS
  • 30 mar 2018
    Updating the consensus of the Delegates. Increase in decentralization, through the distribution of a portion of the delegate's income to those who vote for them.
  • 15 may 2018
    Adding additional crypto currencies to the wallet. Priority: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The rest will be added during voting.
  • 17 jul 2018
    Creating a DAO module. Increase the effectiveness of the community through the creation of a special section of decision-making and budget management.
  • 30 sep 2018
    Develop and connect own decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • 30 nov 2018
    Connecting Sidechain + Secure Sandbox. Opportunity to create decentralized applications on the BTW platform.
  • 30 DEC 2018
    Connecting the DAPP Store.


The cult of personality is the enemy of the blockchain revolution. Behind the brand is a figure. The decentralization is the community. Deeds, not words, are what we need today! We believe that final result is more important. That's why BTW team prefers to stay in shadow.
  • Mr.Gold
    Blockchain NodeJS developer, tech architector, PHP, security specialist
  • Mr.Black
    Software developer, specialist in info networks
  • Mr.Green
    Designer, animation designer, UX / UI, 3D
  • Ms.Blue
    Content Manager, Bitcoin White Tester
  • Mr.Lightgreen
    Programmer, Java,C++, C#
  • Mr.Orange
    Programmer, PHP, Ruby, Goland
  • Mr.Pink
    Programmer, tech. architector, security specialist
  • Mr.Purple
    SEO / SMM specialist, UI / UX, system engineer
  • Mr.Red
    Developer In the construction of distributed peer-to-peer (p2p) networks
  • Mr.Sapphirine
    Programmer, Java, NodeJS
  • Mr.Yellow
    Java, Swift Developer, Android / iOS
  • Mr.White
BTW holder who participates in voting and understands the essence of the project is a "Citizen"
BTW holder who has not yet figured out the essence of the project and Blockchain Industry is a "Newbie"
"Citizens" who are part of the "Dev. core team" or have been admitted by the "DAO" to the technical development of the project as part of "External dev. teams" are a "Developer"
BTW holder who was elected to support the network and getting paid for it is a "Delegate"
"Citizen" who participates in promotion of the project, who oversees the promotion of BTW in their country is a "Representative"
"Citizen" who wants to become a delegate and receive rewards is a "Candidate"



  • 2018-03-12 13:46:06

    Continuation of tests

    1) The consensus is tested in normal mode

    2) IOS must be in App Store on this week

    3) This week we will also conduct tests of transaction speed updates

    4) YoBit conduct technical updates, we are waiting for news from them

    5) Vote for BTW on Cobinhood ! (

    We working. Please be patient.

    How BTW algorithm will work after consensus updates:
    - 40% of the delegate's income will go to the DAO Budget
    - 6

  • 2018-03-12 20:50:35

    Test of consensus

    1) The bill of IBOE.
    Someday Satoshi Nakamoto wrote: "I really wanted to find some way to send a short message, give a signal, but the problem is that the whole world would see it." Those, who understand what opportunities become possible using documents such as IBOE bills, will guess what exactly happened, and what we are trying to make. At this moment, we will be short, and without further ado just say bureaucratic words: "All information is confidential, we have no right to disclose it, we have to remove all published personal data from official sources."

    We will ke

  • 2018-03-01 18:39:33

    The first Cryptocurrency secured by the debt of the Treasury of the United States of America

    Dear friends, we are happy to congratulate you all! BTW is the first and only crypto community in the world, that is backed by the treasury of the United States of America. Also for the first time in the history of the blockchain industry the deal with the help of a crypto currency was made for acquisition of government securities.

    The transaction was successfully closed, and actually the work is being done to create and test the platform, where each holder of BTW will have an opportunity to invest his funds in the USA security papers and other security papers. The deal is value

  • 2018-03-01 15:45:11

    Voting, Rebranding, Consensus

    1) Bit-Z Voting ! (We created Bounty for this. Look at HomeWork (Instruction + Bounty)!

    2) Rebranding ! Many asked us to change the name and rebrand - we did it. From now on, the official name changed from “Bitcoin White” to "BitWhite" !
    New WebSite:
    New Explorer:
    New Forum:
    New Twi

  • 2018-02-19 19:13:46


    ======== Technical updates: ========

    IOS and Mac version of wallet are ready. We are waiting for listing in Apple Store, Legal verification — D-U-N-S® Number.

    ======== Reminder: ========

    StocksExchange — BTW traded on “Stocks.Exchange”, see
    GetBTC — BTW traded on “GetBTC”, see
    ======== Current activities: ===

  • 2018-02-08 19:02:34

    Exrates, GetBTC

    1. BitcoinWhite has entered into a partnership with a large commodity exchange, BTW will be used on it as the main currency. Details of the news will be after technical integration of BTW.

    2. Exchange “Exrates” — will add BTW (specific dates will be announced later)

    3. Exchange “GetBtc” — will add BTW tomorrow (08.02.18)

    Meet the new BTW representative in France: @MasterBTW He also now will be the curator for the listing on Binance, pay attention to the tasks in the section “HomeWork”

    4. Bitcoin White added to

  • 2018-01-30 19:01:52


    1) BTW is traded on “BitFlip” (
    2) How BTW algorithm will work after consensus updates:
    - 10% of the delegate’s income will be distributed to those who vote for him (for candidates)
    - The size of the candidate’s income depends on the weight of the candidate’s vote
    - The weight of the vote depends on the number of coins in the wallet

    3) Exchange “GetBtc” — will add BTW (

    4) New exchange “5iquant” — will add BTW (