ICO just started, don't miss a chance to get your ticket for the speedy train

AirDrop is divided into 7 stages. For each stage it is allocated on 4.285.000 BTW = Total 30.000.000 BTW

For participation in AirDrop you need to satisfy the conditions which are stated below.

1) Follow on Twitter.com/WhiteBitcoin

2) Follow and share the page of Facebook www.facebook.com/WhiteBitcoin

3) STEP 1: Join to Telegram and actively participate in the community https://t.me/BTW_Community

Please note!

STEP 2: To receive BTW firstly you need to register your personal wallet here: https://wallet.bitcoinwhite.org/, then go to the My Accouunt tab and copy the address: Your purse number. AIRDROP will be credited to this purse.

Further send a personal message to the bot (https://t.me/BTCWHITE_BOT) /register [your wallet number] [your email]. See example:
/register 13310962270200237057 [email protected]

STEP 3: After Bot will give you a link for activation, go and confirm. After confirmation, write to bot "/airdrop" and Coins will be accured automatically.

4. Keep BTW until the end of AirDrop. Pay attention, if you spend at least 1 coin, you will be excluded from AirDrop.

Quantity BTW = 300 per one stage.

AirDrop passes in 7 stages, each stage takes 1 week. Start date is 12.11.2017 till 30.12.2017.

Please be noted,

- if you transfer of BTW that received through AirDrop or you sale them on the exchange or through exchangers, you will be excluded from the AirDrop stages.

- If you leave the Telegram or Facebook groups, you will be excluded from the AirDrop stages as well.

To participate in the ICO, please contact by mail: [email protected]